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Research (theoretical condensed matter physics):

Physics Stack Exchange

I recently found physics.stackexchange a very instereting place. Some questions that looks simple actually touch some deep issues. Some questions can motive research projects. So please join Physics Stack Exchange to make it a more interesting place to physics researchers.

Here are some samples:
"What does it mean for a Hamiltonian to be gapped?"
"Gauge symmetry is not a symmetry?"
"How Non-abelian anyons arise in solid-state systems?"

Here is a list of my answers to some of the questions that I found interesting.
Here is a list of the questions that I found interesting.

String-net condensation -- a unification of light and electrons

  • Q: Where do light and fermions come from?
  • A: Light and fermions come from the qubits that form the space.
  • Q: Why do light and fermions exist?
  • A: Light and fermions exist because the space-forming qubits form a string-net condensed state.
  • Q: What are light and fermions?
  • A: Light waves are collective motions of strings and fermions are ends of open strings in the string-net condensed state.

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